Canada is a magnificent country, filled with huge wildernesses, soaring mountains and friendly relaxed cities. The mighty Rocky Mountains make Canada a prime location for skiing holidays. Taking a holiday home or ski chalet in Canada will open up this magnificent country of contradictions, and let you meet the incredibly hospitable people dotted around this vast country.

Places to holiday in Canada
British Colombia is the most diverse province in terms of landscapes. The Pacific coast lends itself to some great sailing, especially round Vancouver Island, whilst the Rocky Mountains hold some of the best skiing resorts in Canada, including the world famous Whistler resort. A ski chalet in Whistler is a dream for many snow sports enthusiasts, as it is one of the most stylist and invigorating ski resorts in the world. Finally, the wildernesses of north and central British Colombia boast some of the best hunting and fishing in Canada. These parts are very much unspoilt and untouched, where native Canadian cultures and rural communities still live as they always have.
Further down the Rocky Mountains is the province of Alberta, where prehistoric hoodoos and the dinosaur discoveries in Drumheller draw historians and dinosaur hunters from around the globe. Alberta is renowned for its cosmopolitan, vibrant cities like Calgary and Edmonton, home of North America's largest shopping and entertainment complex.
Quebec is a province with a long history and a wealth of tradition, with close ties and similar culture to France. Canada's capitol, Quebec City remains the only North American city still encased by its original defensive walls. Montreal is also located within Quebec, a city noted for both its literary prowess and fantastic nightlife.

Things to do on holiday in Canada
Ski holidays to Canada have long been a favourite with experienced skiers and novices alike. There are top class ski resorts all across Canada, but the two which really stand out are Whistler in British Colombia and Banff in Alberta.

Canada is also a land of good living and well-being. The spas and health centres all across Canada make taking a holiday home in Canada a perfect place to relax and unwind on holiday. The tranquillity of the wilderness areas and lakes have been untouched for centuries, and have a timeless way of allowing you to recuperate. The hunting and fishing in mush of the country is surpassed by no other destination in the world, and the opportunities to see wildlife, camp and fish are endless.
The cities of Canada, especially Quebec, Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and Whistler offer magnificent shopping opportunities, restaurants and a wealth of culture, welcoming locals and magnificent array of bars and clubs.

Travel to Canada
Depending on where you are renting a holiday house in Canada, flights from the UK will take in the region of 7-9 hours. There are airports in all the major Canadian cities, and offers and deals on cheap flight to Canada are common.