Darlinghurst, an inner-city suburb in East Sydney was once a red-lit street and slum, but has become a cosmopolitan spot since ‘80s. The area is densely populated and are generally known to be high streets. The locality has the largest percent of Australia’s Gen X and Y and bustles with commercial activities. Darlinghurst is all happening round the calendar, with plenty of events being hosted and a flurry of nightclubs and food joints around to celebrate and enjoy.

How to reach Darlinghurst
Darlinghurst has very good public transport network. Plenty of bus routes and trains are available to reach the area from Sydney City Centre. In the city, it is possible to walk to wherever you want to.
Airport - Sydney Airport is about 20 minutes from Darlinghurst. The airport is the oldest commercially operated airport in the world and has world class facilities. The airport is connected to 46 domestic and 43 international destinations. You can easily board a bus or take a cab to reach Darlinghurst.

Main Attractions
Darlinghurst has dedicated streets for commercial activities, nightclubs and food joints. The city has a number of landmarks worth visiting.
- Darlinghurst Gaol is a large sandstone penal complex with a circular chapel in the middle, surrounded by six wings. The name of convicts can still be seen on the walls. From 1995, the site has been converted to National Art School.
- Darlinghurst Fire Station was built in 1912 using brick and stone. The building still operates as a fire station.
- Darlinghurst Courthouse was built in 1844 and has a Greek-style architecture. The imposing sandstone structure is located in Taylor Square.
- Oxford Street is situated in the south-east corner of Hyde Park and has major commercial activities running in it. A small shopping centre named Oxford Square is situated in one of the corners.
- Stanley Street and Victoria Street are the main food streets of Darlinghurst. Victoria Street is called “Little Italy” but cuisines served include Japanese, Thai, Mexican and Italian. Outdoor seating is provided in most of the restaurants.
- Victorian styled churches are seen across the area. St. Peter’s Church of England, St. John’s Church of England and Church Rectory, Sacred Heart Catholic Church etc. to name a few. In addition a number of chapels can also be seen.
- The Artery is a gallery which sells Aboriginal artworks.
- He Made She Made is intended to promote the artworks of emerging Australian artists.
- An alluring atmosphere is created in Slides where you can enjoy your cocktail while watching cabaret.
- Oxford Art Factory and The Commons play live music.
- Black Eye Gallery exhibits contemporary photographs from various artists.
- Australian Design Centre is another place which exhibits various art works along with conducting workshops and producing publications.
- Darlinghurst Theatre Company is a popular theatre in the area.
- Sydney Mardi Gras Parade is an annual colourful event of Gays and Lesbians conducted from 1978.
- Sydney Jewish Museum and Jewish War Memorial shouldn’t be missed if you have a craving for history.

Places to Stay
Darlinghurst has a number of options for stay. It has luxurious spaces being upmarket area of the city mostly. You will have access to all amenities if you stay in the area including groceries, restaurants, nightclubs as well as transport options.
Double Bay is located towards north eastern part of Darlinghurst and is slightly quieter area. However, do not expect the rates to be cheaper on the rentals.
Potts Point is towards the northern coastline and has plenty of accommodation options as well. You can find a few places in the mid-range as well in the area.
Surry Hills is more of a residential area and you will find budget-rooms and houses in this area, without being too far from Darlinghurst.

Eateries in Darlinghurst
Bar Reggio, A Tavola, Bill and Toni’s and Bar Colluzi offers Italian food with drinks in the locality.
Mohr Fish is a place to try seafood.
Le Monde, Café Zoo, Tigerbaker’s Café, Tropicana Café etc are good cafes in the area.
Almond Bar owners are Syrian and the influence can be seen in the food they serve.
The Original Balkan Restaurant serves Croatian seafood and grilled preparations.
Maya Sweet House serves South Indian vegetarian specialities.
Jimmy Liks, Thada Thai Cuisine, The Pink Peppercon et al offer good quality Thai cuisine.
Bitter Phew, Love, Tilly Devine, Shady Pines Saloon, The Hazy Rose, Pocket Bar, Red Lily Cocktail Bar, Darlie Laundromatic etc. are notable places to find your kind of drink.
Bourke Street Bakery has good choice of pastries, cakes and breads.

Getting Places
Getting around Darlinghurst is not difficult as the streets can be accessed easily on foot. It may not be a good idea to bring your car to the area as it is primarily pretty difficult to find parking spaces and even if you find spaces, parking is mostly metered.
Taxi - You can easily find taxis in the area, which are metered. However, getting around in taxis could be time consuming due to the large traffic and big number of pedestrians commuting.
Bus - Available quite frequently and you can find one to travel to any side of Sydney quite easily.
Train - There are no railway station in Darlinghurst. However, you can utilise the King Cross Railway Station in the northern end of the street or the Museum Station on the western end.

Tips for Travel in Darlinghurst
- Crime-rate is slightly on the higher side in this area frequented by drug-users, drinkers and red-street workers.
- The area is mostly well lit, but stay away from lowly lit area where fights and abuses occur. It’s common to hear sexist remarks in the streets.
- If you are driving around, be warned that parking could be very difficult to find.
- Weather is favourable from September to November and March to May. It’s coldest from December-January.